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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back Country Bar-B-Q (Dallas, TX)

Today I decided to check out Back Country Bar-B-Q for no reason other than that I was starving and in need of meat. Back Country isn't too far from my apartment, so it was a good choice for a lunch run.

The name "Back Country" fits this place perfectly. The walls aren't painted or lined with wallpaper, just old cedar-style planks of wood, and the decor consists of assorted trophy mounts (moose, whitetail, buffalo) and collegiate flags. I was surprised, yet happy, to see they even had a flag for my alma mater Vanderbilt. I'm not sure where they keep the pits and smokers, but I couldn't smell much inside.

I decided to step a little outside of my usual meats and sides this round. I ordered the Three Meat Combo with ribs, hot links, bbq chicken, potato salad (ok, so not too far outside the box), fried okra, and Texas toast.

My fried okra came straight out of the fryer, and had a nice crispy batter to it. You can imagine my disappointment when I bit in and realized that the okra was pretty much devoid of any flavor whatsoever. Dipping the okra in ranch was the only way to make it palatable, but even a little salt would have helped. The potato salad had a great mustard flavor. Oddly, the potatoes were very finely diced, so the consistency was much more like egg salad. Since the potato salad seemed sandwich-ready for some reason, I made an open-faced sandwich with it and my Texas toast, and it worked perfectly.

When I first looked at my combo plate, I was a little upset that it only came with two small ribs. Although, after I started eating them, I decided that they had probably given me two too many. The ribs had a good crust on them, but there wasn't much smoke and they were a little on the dry side.

The bbq chicken was cooked perfectly. It had a nice crisp skin on it, and was juicy all the way through. I opted for dark meat, so that probably helped. My only complaint is that both the leg and thigh were pretty small.

My favorite meat of the trio was definitely the hot links. They had a nice char on the outside, so there was a good snap to the casing. The links were peppery and slightly spicy, but not enough to set your tongue on fire. They were great with Back Country's Original Smokehouse BBQ Sauce, which was a good mix of tangy and sweet. Here again though, the portion was pretty small.

On my way out the door, I noticed a small sign advertising "Mick Mick's Homemade Banana Pudding" that I really wish I had seen on my way in. I'm not sure who Mick Mick is, but I'm sure the banana pudding is fantastic. Oh well, something to think about for next time.

Aside from the small portions of meat, I would definitely give Back Country Bar-B-Q another try.


Back Country Bar-B-Q
6940 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75231
(214) 696-6940

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Back Country Bar-B-Q

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