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Saturday, December 8, 2012

3B Texas Spice Co (Saginaw, TX)

Let me start by saying that 3B Texas Spice Co. is not an actual restaurant, but rather a purveyor of phenomenal rubs, seasonings, and spice blends. My co-worker Karen Baylor and her husband Wayne (two of the three B's) hosted a barbecue at their house, and I was lucky enough to be on the invite list.

Tonight's menu included ribs and strip steaks, as well as a motley assortment of sides and desserts brought by the other guests. I've had their 3B-spiced brisket, chicken, and pinto beans on other occasions, but I guess I'll just have to settle for ribs and steak this time around.

The ribs were fantastic! They were tender and juicy, and I was happy to see that each tiny rib bone was supporting almost an inch of solid meat on top. A light slathering of sauce added to the already delicious flavor of the 3B Rib rub. The sauce was sweet with a nice kick on the back end. I was initially told that there would be enough ribs for each guest to have 3. Luckily for me, this was not a hard-and-fast rule, because I easily ate 15 ribs myself. I probably would have eaten more, but I wanted to leave a little room for the steak that was still to come.

Wayne's pit spent the whole night covered in thick, magnificent Angus strip steaks loaded with their 3B Steak and Chophouse rub. The steaks had a nice char on the outside, and were cooked to a perfect medium on the inside. The 3B rub flavor was seared nicely to the steaks, so there was no need for added sauce here. Sadly, I had eaten far too many ribs to finish my whole steak, but at least I gave it a valiant effort.

Along with their cousin Brock (the third B), Karen and Wayne use their hand-crafted spice blends to compete in barbecue competitions across the state. They frequently place (if not win) in every category they enter, and once you try their spice blends you'll understand why. I highly recommend checking out their website to buy a few. There are also several different sets that are "ready for gifting" if you have a barbecue lover in the family.


3B Texas Spice Co.

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