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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Dog of Nashville (Nashville, TN)

My pre-trip research revealed a bbq hotdog near Vanderbilt University that sounded awesome. I was still fairly full from dinner, but sometimes it's hard for me to pass up the siren song of smoked meat.

You'll find this place in an old converted house just south of campus. Despite the meek, unassuming facade, it has lots of atmosphere and character inside. The decor is a bit haphazard, but I liked it. There is also a large outdoor patio that I'm sure plays well with the nearby coeds.

I ordered exactly what I came for: The Barnyard Dog. This bad boy comes with pulled pork, bbq sauce, and coleslaw. Fabulous!

Much to my delight, I received one of the best looking hotdogs I've seen in quite some time. Most places offering a "bbq hotdog" simply drizzle a little sauce and call it good, but not The Dog. I ended up with heaping portions of slaw and pulled pork. The big, plump hotdog was a great support structure for the hefty toppings. The crunchy slaw paired really well with the tender pork, and the sugary sweet sauce tied everything together nicely. On the down side, I couldn't find any smoke, but that's really my only complaint. About halfway through, I got tired of the ingredients spilling out and abandoned ship in favor of a fork-and-knife approach.

Obviously a hotdog pales in comparison to true barbecue (especially if you're a Texan), but this dog was delicious in its own right. I'll definitely be back.


The Dog of Nashville
2127 Belcourt Ave
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 292-2204

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The Dog of Nashville

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