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Thursday, April 25, 2013

3rd Base Sports Bar & Grill (Frisco, TX) - CLOSED

I know what you're thinking, but I honestly didn't come here for the girls. Apparently Thursday night is barbecue night at 3rd Base. I didn't have anything better to do, so I drove on over.

BBQ Barbecue Barbeque Bar-B-Q Bar-B-Que Frisco DFW Texas Breastaurant

When I arrived, the parking lot was absolutely packed. I had to park across the street at the mall. Once you come in, you'll understand why. Tonight happened to be the NFL draft (sadly, I had no idea), which is probably part of the reason they were uber busy. The only seating available was at the bar, so I hopped on up and saddled in.

At 3rd Base, the waitresses are basically walking around in underwear and bikinis, although I only came for the barbecue. Some of them were at least smart enough to wear comfortable shoes. I took a few pictures, just to convey a feel for the overall 3rd Base experience.

BBQ Barbecue Barbeque Bar-B-Q Bar-B-Que Frisco DFW Texas Panties Bikini Breastaurant

BBQ Barbecue Barbeque Bar-B-Q Bar-B-Que Frisco DFW Texas Panties Bikini Breastaurant

BBQ Barbecue Barbeque Bar-B-Q Bar-B-Que Frisco DFW Texas Panties Bikini Breastaurant

Unbeknownst to me, the Babes and BBQ thing is just a lunch special, at least according to my waitress. Their online menu definitely calls it "Barbeque Night," but also only mentions a bbq lunch platter, so who knows. She looked pretty confused by the whole thing, so I didn't press the issue. I ordered a half rack of BBQ Baby Back Ribs (at least those are a regular menu item), which automatically comes with fries and coleslaw on the side.

BBQ Bar-B-Q Bar-B-Que Barbecue Barbeque Ribs Frisco DFW Texas Breastaurant

What I ended up with were frozen school cafeteria crinkle fries. Seriously? Thanks, Ore Ida. There wasn't even any salt sprinkled on top. I didn't expect anything gourmet, but this was ridiculous. As for the coleslaw, it had a decent flavor. I always like to mention that I'm not a coleslaw fan in general. That being said, it probably came premade.

The ribs had a healthy slathering of viscous barbecue sauce on top. My half rack amounted to 7 ribs. They didn't look smoked, so probably oven roasted and finished on the grill. The lack of any pink hue whatsoever confirmed my suspicions. The meat slid off the bone with almost no effort. Even more depressing, the whole crust peeled off my rack in one tug. Sigh. Even if they were overcooked, the ribs were actually decently flavorful. The sauce was nice and sweet, with just a slight kick on the back end. My ribs weren't awful, but they also weren't real barbecue either.

I basically drove 30 minutes to Frisco for ribs that I could have eaten down the street at Chili's. This is a decent place to go for TNA, but definitely not for BBQ. 2 stars for the food, 5 stars for the scenery. Oh well. I'll just call 3rd Base a 3 and be done with it. #bigboobsbadfood


3rd Base Sports Bar & Grill
2390 Parkwood Blvd.
Frisco, TX 75034
(214) 618-4450

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  1. I went to 3rd base last Thursday night (8-8-2013) and no one said one word to me for 28 minutes, I tried waving the server down but she kept ignoring me. So I call and talk to Robert today and was telling Robert what happened and Robert told me we don't give a S H I T and don't ever come back again if you're gonna F U C K I N G complain about waiting, then Robert hung up on me. I called back to try and get corporate office phone number and Robert answered and I asked Robert and Robert said F U C K off D O U C H E bag and don't ever call here again. So I am writing this complaint about how Robert ( a manager ) at 3rd doesn't give a S H I T about people waiting for 28 minutes and further more cussing at me for just complaining. Robert told me don't come back because Robert doesn't give a S H I T if they make a mistake and Robert will kindly tell you with the southern hospitality not to come back, because Robert can't run his shift.

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