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Monday, May 29, 2017

Bread of Heaven Bar-B-Q (Antioch, TN)

I always see Bread of Heaven Bar-B-Q's rather stationary food trailer at inopportune times, like when I've already eaten or when I have firm lunch plans. Today, however, I had the day off and no one to answer to except my seven-month-old baby. Since he was the only one of us who wanted carrots and pears for lunch, I decided to treat myself to some Memorial Day barbecue.

From what I can tell, this food trailer started out in Knoxville, Tennessee and migrated to Nashville a couple of years ago. You can normally find Bread of Heaven down in Antioch at the corner of Murfreesboro Pike and Mt. View Road. I don't know if they have any sort of regular days or hours, I just know that I've never seen the trailer parked anywhere else. That corner is pretty visible real estate, so I can't blame them for staying put. Location, location, location.

Since I hadn't eaten any sort of meaningful breakfast, I loaded up with a pulled pork sandwich, a half-rack of ribs, and sides of potato salad and baked beans. I couldn't see anything at all on the other side of the trailer's thick black window screens, so I just had to have a little faith and hope for the best.

The beans were sweet, but not overly so. There was also a good mix of onion and peppers in each bite. A welcome change from standard baked beans, these were very enjoyable. Bread of Heaven's potato salad was creamy with medium-diced potatoes. The base was a nice mustard/mayo combination, with a pleasant crunch of pickles here and there.

I assumed that there would be a bottom bun beneath my massive pile o' pork, but I wouldn't know for sure until I dug in. There was no point in even attempting to eat this like a sandwich, so I took the bread as more of an accompaniment and opted for a fork instead of my hands. I was instantly taken aback by the remarkable smokiness, way more than I had expected. The pork was tender and decently juicy, and it was just salty enough to be interesting. My portion came without any bark, but there were plenty of other flavors to go around even without it.

The small baby back ribs were actually loaded with tender, succulent meat. Bread of Heaven's well-smoked pork came off the bone cleanly with the appropriate effort. I noticed a rosy smoke ring just around the edges of each rib, while each bite produced a good burst of smoke. There was also a nice seasoning on the deep burgundy crust, although I wish it had been a little crispier. I was getting full halfway through my rack, but the ribs were so tasty that I was able to power through to the end.

My order came with several cups of barbecue sauce on the side, but I couldn't possibly fathom a need for it. Their meat was spectacular all on its own! Needless to say, Bread of Heaven Bar-B-Q surpassed my expectations and then some.


Bread of Heaven Bar-B-Q
3501 Murfreesboro Pike
Antioch, TN 37013
(615) 398-1227

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