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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Butcher's Son (Dallas, TX)

Food trucks have been a staple of Klyde Warren Park ever since it opened above Woodall Rodgers Freeway last October. We often drive past them on our way home from church, though today was our first venture to the park itself. There were several food trucks to choose from, but the carnivore in me couldn't resist The Butcher's Son.

Butcher Son Food Truck Dallas BBQ Barbecue Bar-B-Que Barbeque

I had trouble selecting one particular item off their menu, so I opted for The Butcher's 3-Way, which allowed me to pick three different sliders to try. For my 3-Way, I went with the Mac-N-Beefy (braised beef, a cube of baked mac and cheese, barbecue sauce, and Cheddar cheese), the Southern Hospitality (a fried chicken tender, garlic mashed potatoes, and country gravy), and the Southern Bell (chipotle Monterey-jack chicken sausage, onions, barbecue sauce, and Cheddar cheese). There were several more that I wanted to try, but these three would have to do for now.

Butcher Son Dallas BBQ Barbecue Barbeque Bar-B-Que Food Truck Sliders Sandwich

I started my slider feast with the Southern Hospitality. From the very first bite, I had gravy and mashed potatoes oozing out all over my hands. The garlic potatoes had good flavor, but they had already gotten cold by the time we found a table. The chicken tender had a nice batter on it, although it was a little too crispy for my liking. I enjoyed the idea of country gravy, but this didn't really add much of anything in terms of taste.

Much like the Southern Hospitality, I found the Mac-N-Beefy a little difficult to eat by hand. After one frustrating attempt, I gave up and started using my fork. Some of the braised beef was very tender, but other bites were really tough and dry. The cube o' macaroni was a little too solidified to be appealing. I also got very little sense that there was barbecue sauce on my slider.

The Southern Bell was probably my favorite slider of the trio, but even it had issues. The chicken sausage had a nice sear and a really great flavor. I could see bits of Monterey-jack cheese embedded in the sausage, but I couldn't taste it at all. There also wasn't much heat for supposedly being "chipotle." Here again, there was very little evidence of barbecue sauce.

The Butcher's Son has a really great concept for their food truck. They have some unique combinations in their sliders that could easily draw large crowds week after week. Although, I think they would be well served by focusing on enhancing their flavors instead of seeing how much food they can pile onto a tiny slider bun.


The Butcher's Son
Klyde Warren Park
2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy
Dallas, TX 75201

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